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About Us

Nephrology Specialists Medical Group, Inc. was founded in 1973 by Dominick E. Gentile, MD and Ronald B. Miller, MD with a mission of providing the best nephrology care while maintaining the respect for the life and dignity of the individual patients they treated.  These men were giants in the field of Nephrology not only as clinicians and scientific investigators but as patient advocates. They worked tirelessly to advance accessibility to care for patients with kidney disease providing invaluable advice and testimony to Congressional committees and helped create the modern End Stage Renal Disease Networks system which to this day continues to oversee and monitor the quality of dialysis care provided to patients with severe kidney disease in the United States. Locally they championed and pioneered on behalf of their patients working closely with non-profit institutions St Joseph Hospital, Orange and then with Hoag Memorial Hospital to ensure that individuals in Orange County California had access to the highest level of care available.

They were early champions of providing quality of life to dialysis patients, directing state of the art dialysis centers, were early adopters of home dialysis therapies, and were instrumental in bringing renal transplant services to our community at St Joseph Hospital.  The only transplant program in Orange County dedicated exclusively to kidney transplantation and which continues to thrive having one of the best long-term outcomes in all the United States. Over the last 45 years Nephrology Specialists Medical Group has continued to expand and each generation of NSMG physicians has continued to serve our local community because we share the same mission as our founding doctors: to provide the best kidney care while maintaining the respect for life and dignity of the individual patients we treat.

Our current doctors are leaders in kidney care right here in Orange County they continue to participate in  scientific research, promote scientific inquiry, serve leadership roles at St Joseph Hospital, Hoag Memorial Hospitals , local dialysis units, and medical associations. To learn more about each one of our doctors be sure to check out their individual pages. We are honored to serve this community and are here to provide you the best kidney care available.